Customer Stories

Video is the best way to connect with your audience, and the best way for your potential customers to connect with your current ones. There is a science to telling a meaningful story, and an art to getting to the true heart and emotion of a customer’s experience with your brand. At Buildium, our customers were property managers. Getting to the core of a person-to-person business was key to telling Jeremy Sine’s story.


Social Media

In July of 2017, Buildium launched its annual Renters Report, which surveys tenants across America and provides insights to landlords. To promote it on social media, I took a man-on-the-street approach and asked some things people might not want their landlords to know. There were four videos in this series, shared on Facebook and Twitter.

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Animated Explainer

Following a rebrand of the company, we decided that a quick explainer video was well overdue. Working with illustrator Tara Connelly, I animated this story as my first serious foray into After Effects.


Animated Teaser

When approached me about doing video editing for a digital summit, I found it to be a great opportunity to learn more about marketing and lead nurturing. When they asked me to put together a motion graphics teaser for the event, I found it to be a great opportunity to fine-tune my After Effects chops. Working with a rough script and a landing page design for branding elements, I created a 45-second teaser to get people excited for the event.


Company Stories

At Buildium, we sought to prove ourselves as industry leaders by showing that we truly understood our customers’ experiences. We took the approach of proving that we know property management because we are property managers. I sat down with our co-founders to find out what led them from real estate to software.


Event Promotion

While planning for a local trade show, the events team and I decided to collaborate on a quick social media video to promote our booth. We shot it as soon as we arrived in the event hall and uploaded this quick edit to Facebook and Twitter.



In the fall of 2015 I was approached by our HR department to create a formal piece that encapsulated our corporate culture and what we look for in new team members. We sat down for a series of interviews and pulled from existing media to give prospective employees a feel for Buildium.